Welcome to Lehigh University's 1-MBA Program

You are about to embark on an exciting one year transformational journey to pursue your MBA! In order to ensure you are best prepared for this endeavor, we provide these MBA levelling sessions which can serve as an introduction to fundamental theories you may have never seen before or have not seen since your undergraduate education. The recommendation to implement a leveling training like this came from former Lehigh University 1-MBA students through our continuous improvement planning.

There are five modules. Three are strongly recommended: Quantiative Skills; Accounting Skills; and Finance & Economics Skills. The other two are optional: Spreadsheet Skills and Statistics Skills. Each module consists of a tutorial and an online assessment of skills.

You must purchase a separate code to access each module. The price for each module is $60. You may also purchase a single code that that provides access to all five modules for $240. Click here to purchase the codes or view codes you purchased earlier.

To get started, select a module, enter your e-mail address, and click "Submit".

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